Why we must SAVE TIN PAN ALLEY! – [video]

See and hear why we must SAVE TIN PAN ALLEY!

Video from Save Tin Pan Alley Day, October 22, 2017, produced and edited by Michael Eder

Since the news story about the threat to Tin Pan Alley broke, the world's attention has been captured by the area. Unfortunately, there has been equal parts of myth as well as history in the coverage. In an attempt to set the record straight to the extent that we can do so, below is a very brief narrative history of what we definitely know about Tin Pan Alley. HDC is indebted to Leland Bobbe, Michael Martone, Anthony W. Robins, David Freeland and Tracy Messer for all their research and information. Everything that is correct is theirs, all errors are ours. Special thanks to Brooks of Sheffield from Lost City for getting this whole thing rolling.

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