About Us

The 29th Street Neighborhood Association was founded in 2010 to protect and foster the quality of life of all the residents living in the area comprising 24th Street to33rd Street and from 8th Avenue to 1st Avenue. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Our Collective Duties: Projects are managed by neighborhood volunteers who are experiencing problems or wish to work on special projects affecting quality of life, individual philanthropic interests or preservation in the neighborhood. The Association sets up a task force of volunteers and follows through on each project until completion.

The 29th Street Neighborhood Association Founders' Committee sets strategies with each task force and helps by reaching out to elected officials and the media to create support for the project.

The Association is currently supporting two important landmark preservation projects:
Tin Pan Alley located on West 28th Street between Broadway and 6th Avenue and expansion of the existing North of Madison Square historic district. We have been named a recipient of the Historic Districts Council’s “Six to Celebrate” project for our current work on the expansion of the Madison Square North Historic District.

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The Historic Districts Council is the advocate for all of New York City's historic neighborhoods. HDC is the only organization in New York that works directly with people who care about our city's historic neighborhoods and buildings. We represent a constituency of over 500 local community organizations.

What do we do?

First and foremost, HDC provides technical and strategic support to groups and individuals to help save historic buildings. Since 1971, HDC has been a vital force helping to preserve historic neighborhoods and buildings throughout the five boroughs. HDC has been involved in the creation of almost all of the 108 officially designated historic districts in New York, which encompass almost 30,000 individual buildings. We have organized residents, secured funding for studies, given public testimony, worked with city agencies, and held people's hands for over 40 years. Last year, we launched our "Six to Celebrate" program, the only citywide initiative coming directly from the communities that spotlight preservation concerns.

We educate. Each year, HDC offers over two-dozen public programs, conferences, workshops, and talks related to New York City history, preservation practices like restoration, and community organizing. We also offer walking and bicycle tours of distinct neighborhoods that embody the city's history, vibrancy and cultural backbone.

We speak out for preservation. HDC is the only group which regularly reviews every single public proposal affecting a historic building and historic districts in New York, and when needed, we comment on them. We monitor the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission and work with elected officials on historic preservation and development issues. We have negotiated agreements between developers and community residents on projects affecting historic neighborhoods.