How Can I Help?


Spread the word. Tell your friends and ask them to speak out. We can't save Tin Pan Alley if no one knows it's in danger. The more people that know about the situation, the stronger and more unified our voice is.

Sign Our NEW Online Petition

Register your support; let the Landmarks Preservation Committee hear you! All it takes is a click and 30 seconds of your time, and you will have added your name to the growing list of supporters for Tin Pan Alley. Better yet, sign our online petition and forward the link to 10 of your most music-loving friends. There is strength in numbers!

Click here to sign now.

Write a Letter

What counts more than a signed petition to the Landmarks Preservation Commission? A signed letter! We are compiling a stack–we hope a mountain–of letters to present with our formal petition to Save Tin Pan Alley. Letters are like gold and postcards are like silver. Music that has inspired you, influenced you, established itself among your favorites; put down a sentence about your support for Tin Pan Alley, sign it and send it to us. We'll deliver it in person. And it will make a huge difference.

Our address:
29th Street Neighborhood Association
115 East 34th Street, #366
New York, NY 10156.

Letters can also be e-mailed to us to us as PDFs or Microsoft Word files.
Our e-mail address for this project is:

Alert the Media

Do you know writers, reporters, critics, and those lobbying for cultural preservation? Get the word out to them so they can help get Tin Pan Alley preservation the attention it deserves. Listen to cultural radio programs? Call in a request for music from Tin Pan Alley and let everyone know the situation. Going to a concert? Mention where the American Songbook or Blues or Jazz history was made possible to other music lovers. How about Letters to the Editor? Any musical reviews, articles about preservation or discussion of popular culture can be an opportunity to write in and spread the word.


We are civic organizations that count on the goodwill and efforts of those who can give time or expertise. Ask how you can help–it can be as much or as little time as you are able to spare and you'll be surprised as to how much you can help. You don't even have to leave home–so much can be done with e-mail and the Internet.

Make a Donation

To make a tax-deductible contribution to our common cause

Please make checks payable to
29 Street Neighborhood Association

and mail to the following address:
115 East 34th Street, #366
New York, NY 10156

Or send your donation directly through PayPal.


Attention Musicians, Writers, Producers

If you have any ties to or affiliations with the musical or performing arts community, your letters are especially important. Because we are asking for cultural landmark status for Tin Pan Alley, it is paramount that we show its cultural importance and heritage. This makes your opinion and affiliation invaluable. If you play the American Songbook, jazz or are involved in Broadway, you can personally attest to the legacy of Tin Pan Alley. Please mention your role in the performing arts in your letter. A sample letter can be downloaded below and personalized.

Letters may be mailed to us at the 29th Street Neighborhood Association, 115 East 34th Street, #366, New York, NY 10156.

Letters can also be e-mailed to us to us as pdfs or Microsoft Word files.
Our e-mail address for this project is:

And be sure to pass this along to all of your friends and colleagues!

Download the sample letter: